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Liberty Interviews – Cari Moye, TTU-K12 Principal

“I truly believe that teachers play the most important role in our student’s lives, and we couldn't be more grateful for that.”
Cari Moye TTU-K12 Principal

This month, Liberty talks to Cari Moye, the principal of TTU K-12, about her love for Texas Tech, education, and her family. She talks about her professional experiences before TTU K-12, discusses her main responsibilities as a principal, and shares a message to our teachers and coordinators in Brazil.

Lucas: “I would like to start asking you to introduce yourself and talk a little bit about your background in education. How did you end up being the principal of TTU-K12, and how was the journey up to this point?”

Cari: “My name is Cari Moye and I'm the principal here for TTU K-12. I've been here for about 10 years, and, prior to that, I worked in a traditional public school setting here in Texas as a teacher and also as a school counselor. I have also worked with children in a private counseling setting and nonprofit settings, where I did lots of contract counseling with kiddos who have been through a lot of trauma. I did that for several years until I had my own little one and then that time just was too much, I wasn't able to commit as much time to that. That's kind of my work background.

When I started working for the TTU K-12 program, I actually oversaw our counseling services team for a couple of years before I moved into an assistant principal role and then the principal role. I've absolutely loved it. It's been a fantastic journey. I love everything that TTU K-12 stands for and what we're able to provide students. We realize that online education might not be for everyone, but there is such a large group of students out there who wouldn't otherwise be able to have an education with the rigor and the quality that our curriculum has. We're really glad that we're able to provide students with flexible solutions and really just to get to be a part of our student’s educational journey (…).

One thing that I love most about our partnership with Liberty is how much the students grow in the program. We are able to see how well they succeed and how they're able to navigate that American curriculum and be successful.

Lucas: “Sure. I mean, it is a great background with many different things. Now being the principal, I'd like to ask you, what are you most responsible for, what do you have to deal with on a daily basis?”

Cari: “I oversee all of our programs, and, of course, Braxton works directly with our international partners and with Liberty. But I also oversee our stateside program - all of our students that are here in the United States - as well as partnerships that we have with other schools here in the United States (…). Really everything that involves K-12, all of the programs we have I help oversee and make sure that everything is running smoothly. Obviously, I depend on a lot of people like Braxton to help me out with that, there are just lots of moving pieces. Because we're asynchronous, our students are kind of in different places and all different times. Therefore, I'm just constantly trying to make sure that our teachers have the resources that they need and that our systems are performing, and that students are getting what they need in order to be successful.

Lucas: “And how do you evaluate this experience working with international students?”

Cari: “We love our international students, and like I said, we absolutely love working with Liberty, we think we have a really strong partnership with them and they're really good to work with as far as making sure that the students have everything that they need, being that key between the students and our program. Liberty is able to take care of so much for their students and they're very knowledgeable of our program (…). They know that they want these students to succeed and they carry out that plan to make sure it happens. So we are honored to be a part of it”.

Lucas: Since we are talking especially to our teachers and coordinators, what do you think is the most enriching thing for a teacher who works in an international program? Because most of them are from Brazil, but we have some foreign teachers as well. What do you think this cultural exchange can bring to the teachers?”

Cari: “Well, I think it can bring a lot not only to their growth as a professional but as a person also. I know that for myself, I'm always learning new things from our international partnerships, the way that students perceive things, and how our cultures are alike and different. Those experiences alone provide a lot to us. Again, not just as professionals, but just as humans in general. Having that opportunity is huge. And I would say the same for our students too, just being able to collaborate and experience education in a different way than maybe what they've experienced in their traditional school setting is huge.”

Lucas: “Great. So, just to wrap things up, I would like to ask you, who is Cari Moye outside of TTU K-12? What do you like doing? What are your hobbies, what do you do with your family?”

Cari: “As I had mentioned before, I have a little girl. She's six years old and her name is Olivia. I have a husband, his name is Mike, and it’s just the three of us. We just have a little small family and that really is who I am outside of work. I absolutely love spending time and really trying to invest in her (Olivia’s) little life, we know how important that is, to provide new experiences for her, too. We love to travel as a family, we go play golf sometimes, we like to go swimming and go to the park a lot. We just like to do as much as we can with our family, with her grandparents, my parents, his parents, and with friends too, and just really trying to be supportive of her school environment. We have to stay on top of all the regular things that other parents have to do, and that pretty much takes up most of our time”.

Lucas: “And just to finish out, I would like to ask you to send a final message, anything you'd like to say to our teachers and coordinators”.

Cari: “Absolutely. I would encourage just all teachers to keep doing what they're doing. We are so thankful for what they provide to our students. We know that this is a partnership, we couldn't do this alone, and what they do is key, it's critical to the success that we see in their students, and we know that. I would just extend the biggest thank you to them. I truly believe that teachers play the most important role in our student’s lives, and we couldn't be more grateful for that. I would send a big thank you and that we just appreciate you! We've been thinking of all of you during these hard times with COVID, we do hope that we get to meet all of them in person soon”.

Cari Moye, TTU-K12 Principal, and her family.

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